Marine Le Pen: després de Lampedusa ens cal restar ferms

00:00 at the EU (I think)
00:04 Following the tragedy of Lampedusa
00:08 European Governments prepare to facilitate
00:12 the access of foreigners to Europe. It is clear
00:16 that the diplomacy of emotion is the most dangerous and least adapted
00:20 to the situation. It is exactly the contrary we have to do.
00:24 The moment you let these men and women think
00:28 they can risk their lives and if they manage
00:32 to put foot on European territory, they will be saved
00:36 and they can remain on European territory
00:40 and they can be taken care of, and their children can be schooled for free
00:44 and they can get free medicals, I say “free” in quotation marks
00:48 of course it’s not “free” it’s paid for by our communities
00:52 that they get social housing, that they benefit
00:56 from social services which we cannot afford
01:00 even for our own compatriots, then they will attempt this adventure
01:04 and you will be personally responsible
01:08 MORALLY for the deaths which will happen
01:12 during this terrible risk taking. Obviously the only means
01:16 to stop those deaths that multiply is
01:20 to send a clear signal of firmness, to explain that it’s not worth to attempt
01:24 this crazy adventure because we will be firm
01:28 and we will send these illegal immigrants back home
01:32 this is the only solution which is viable, which is humane
01:36 humane, for them and for us.


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