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White Rex, jovent europeu combatent!

Força, disciplina i vida sana.

Això és el que ens cal.



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Batalló Azov

Cal que aquesta trista guerra entre Ucraïna i Rússia acabi tan aviat sigui possible.

Mentre això no succeeixi, tanmateix, dono suport als patriotes ucraïnesos que lluiten per la seva terra i identitat més enllà de qualsevol imperialisme forà i per una nova Europa.


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White Rex a Roma

De Moscou a Roma, de White Rex a Casapound, europeus preparats pel combat.

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Guillaume Faye sobre Crimea, Rússia i la UE


The Crimean parliament has called for independence from Ukraine and a referendum over joining the Russian Federation. Thunder in the chancelleries! The Crimean authorities are illegitimate because they are self-proclaimed. Who is right, who is wrong?

Barack Obama said on March 6 that the planned referendum for joining Russia would be undemocratic and illegal. (See my previous article on this point.) He was followed in this analysis by the European governments. So, the decisions of the people are supposed to be illegitimate if they do not support the interests and ideology of what the Russians call the “Western powers.” Democracy is, therefore, a rubber standard.

Here we encounter a very old problem: the principle of nationality in the ethnic sense against the same principle in the political sense. Let me explain. Politically, the detachment of Crimea from Ukraine is actually illegal under the constitution of Ukraine, a Republic “one and indivisible” like France. But Ukraine is a very unstable, indeed divided nation-state. Imagine that tomorrow in France a majority of Bretons or Corsicans wanted to unconstitutionally secede.[1] Worse still, imagine a future region of France populated after decades of colonization migration by an Arab-Muslim majority desiring autonomy or attachment to an overseas Mediterranean country . . .

The same problem happens all over the world: in Spain with the Catalans, in Britain with the Scots, in Belgium with the Flemings, in Israel with Muslim citizens who have a higher rate of population growth. Many examples exist in Africa and Asia. Remember Kosovo, torn away from Serbia because Albanians became the majority? In that case, the Americans and the West agreed to the partition of Serbia! But they are no longer for partition in Crimea. A double standard.

Americans would do well proclaiming their principles carefully. For what if a Hispanic majority emerges in the Southwestern states (through immigration and high fertility) and demands to rejoin Mexico? That is a real risk in the next 20 years . . . This brings us to the old conflict between legality and legitimacy, thoroughly analyzed by Carl Schmitt. And it also makes us reflect on the concept of the multiethnic state (imperial/federal), which historically has always been difficult to manage and quite unstable.

In the minds of Putin and the Kremlin, Crimea historically belongs to Russia: it is predominantly Russian-speaking and harbors part of the fleet. Putin wants to restore Russia, not to the borders of the USSR but to those of Catherine the Great, the Russian Empire, which the ambitious Vladimir wishes to defend. Then what? Of course, Vladimir Putin wants to appear to his people as the one who brought back the (formerly Russian) Crimea to the motherland and wants to restore Russian international power.

Putin handled the crisis smoothly, using good judo to turn to his advantage the aggressive moves of his opponents, including the EU, NATO, and the U.S., to draw Ukraine into their fold.[2] It is a major geopolitical mistake to provoke Russia instead of respecting its sphere of influence, pushing it into the arms of China. It is stupid to revive the Cold War. Russophobia is not in the interests of Europeans. Russian power is not a threat, it is an opportunity. Presenting Putin’s Russia as a threat to “democracy” is the sort of lazy propaganda championed by the attention whore and professional dilettante Bernard-Henri Lévy. Of course, Washington’s policy (which is logical) is both to prevent Russia from once again becoming a great power and to decouple the EU and Russia: it is a general pattern.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian crisis is just beginning. This improbable country will probably not find a stable balance. Crimea will probably end up being part of Russia. Eastern and Southern Ukraine may become quasi-protectorates tied to Russia. The Western region, under the influence of “nationalist” and pro-Western Ukrainians has a more complicated fate. Indeed, Ukrainian nationalism faces a fundamental contradiction, for they are attracted to the EU, but it is committed to a cosmopolitan ideology opposed to all nationalism. And all “ethnic hatred.” This cannot be overcome. There is an inherent incompatibility between Ukrainian nationalism and the EU’s ideological vulgate, which many do not understand.

In history, there are often insoluble problems. My Russian friend Pavel Tulayev, who has published me in Russia, understands this well: the union of all peoples of European descent from the Atlantic to the Pacific is the only way, regardless of political organization. The Ukraine crisis is a resurgence of the 19th and 20th centuries. But we are in the 21st century.


1. Already the “Red Hats” present Breton autonomist claims against the French State tax, yet they do not belong to the traditional Breton autonomy and independence movement. Good food for thought . . .

2. In addition, Putin played upon the new authorities in Kiev’s measures against Russian speakers.

Faye, una de les ments més potents, lúcides i subversives de l’Europa actual, ofereix el seu parer sobre els fets que s’estan desenvolupant a Crimea i Ucraïna.

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Solidaritat europea amb els revolucionaris ucraïnessos!

I stand before your forces of revolution to tell you about what your future might be if you fail your glorious endeavour.
I stand here as a Swede. However where I come from is no longer Sweden. My country has been transformed into an international territory; ruled by a totalitarian state which forces experimental progressive agendas on its inhabitants. Let me explain:
In Sweden, you no longer need a citizenship to educate yourself in the Swedish school system. Every human being on Earth has a right to go to school in Sweden – for free. Only Swedes themselves have to pay for it.
In Sweden, you no longer need a citizenship to enjoy free healthcare. Every human being on Earth has a right to free healthcare in Sweden. Only Swedes themselves have to pay for it.
If you have a Swedish passport, you pay for your dental health care. If you don’t have a Swedish passport: it is free.
The Swedish people is not defined in or protected by Swedish law. Only minorities are recognized on a collective scale. The Swedish people have no rights in its own state. In fact, Swedish law only recognises the Sami people as the true indigenous in Sweden.
By law it is not my country anymore!
The government, the politicians and the officials of the state has distanced themselves from the people and formed a new political class, similar to that of the Soviet union — where they rob the country and use our common resources to enrich themselves.
The apparatjiks of the state has formed a mutual alliance with the monopoly-based mass media, to enforce their agenda, control the debate and persecute every form of opposition.
The Swedish media in their turn officially co-operates with the violent communist and anarchist groups to identify and terrorise every opposition.
When the radical left and immigrant groups riot, burn cars in the streets and throw molotows at police and ambulance personnel — they get government funding and a political career.
When a dissident post an anonymous critical comment on the internet — his name and picture end up in the newspaper.
The state enforces their experimental progressive agenda by starting early to shape it inhabitants. Today — as a part of the governmentally regulated school plan — a chief function of the public schools is to erase gender identity. They do this by forcing boys to play with dolls, and girls to play with cars and guns. Even calling a boy “boy” and a girl “girl” is viewed as obsolete.
The state wants every schoolfunction to refer to every person with the made up and so called “gender neutral” word “hen”. Hen is made up by the radical feminist think tanks that are an influential part of the Swedish establishment. The use is similar to the praxis “citoienne” in revolutionary France, or “comrade” in the communist states.

As a part of the progressive agenda, Swedish State Television shows information programs for the Swedish youth — 13 to 16 – on how to have sex with immigrants and disabled. These shows is also shown in school as a mandatory part of education.
The progressive agenda is also evident in the states destruction of the normal, heterosexual family. Some politicians propose mandatory day care for two year olds. There is also propositions on dividing parental leave, forcing dads to stay home and women to work — or leaving the kids in the care of the state.
No wonder we have 40 000 abortions every year. That is almost one percent of our total population. We kill our babies and import tens of thousands of immigrants instead.
Officials in Sweden likes to calls us the most modern country in the world.
I say to you, brothers, this is what awaits you if you choose to follow our example.
You now have the opportunity to choose and create your own future. DO not accept the trap of choosing either the West or Russia.
Europe needs free and sovereign nations, ready to unite in face of threat and danger, working together to strengthen our continent — not to work in the interests of the West or the East.
Choose your own freedom. Choose our common European freedom.

Nordisk Ungdom recently visited a Ukraine in revolution. In the city hall of Kyiv, witch has/had been occupied by the nationalists in Svoboda, NUs international contactperson gave a speech about the situation in Sweden and encouraged the crowd to choose their own freedom instead of choosing between the west or Russia

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Rostres de l’identitarisme arreu d’Europa


Rússia i Sèrbia



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Wotan Jugend: De Catalunya a Rússia amatents al combat!

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