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Visit to Godenholm, d’Ernst Jünger

Translated by Annabel Lee. Published with original paintings of the magnificent, menacing North Sea by Edda Publishing, Stockholm. A bewildering story, written in 1953 and permeated by the devastation of the war. A visit among friends turns from congenial conversation to hallucinations of the Fenris Wolf, Ragnarok, the dead and other myths and sagas. The descriptions ring true to being the kind experienced on LSD, but there are other nightmares and dreams at work. Like Jünger’s work in general, it is not ‘enlightening’ -he is never didactic. Unlike most of his other work, this story is darker, murkier, and more psychedelic.


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Les malaltísses prioritats de l’oligarquia sueca

Noms racistes d’ocells prohibits per Suècia. La Societat Ornitològica de Suècia ha prohibit varis noms per ocells en neguitejar-la que sonin racistes, després de completar la primera guia oficial de noms d’ocells en suec.

‘Racist’ bird names banned by Sweden. Sweden’s Ornithological Society has banned several names for birds following concerns that they sound racist, after completing the first official guide to bird names in Swedish.

Al 1975 el parlament suec va decidir unànimement de canviar l’abans homogènia Suècia en un país multicultural. Quaranta anys després les dramàtiques conseqüències d’aquest experiment es palesen: el crim violent ha augmentat en un 300%. En mirar el número de violacions, tanmateix, l’augment és encara pitjor. Al 1975 va informar-se a la policia de 421 violacions; al 2014, van ser 6.620. És un augment del 1,471%. Suècia és ara el segon país al llistat de violacions quant a països. Segons un informe del 2010 resulta que Suècia, amb 53,2 violacions per cada 100.000 habitants, és només superat pel petit Lesotho a Sudàfrica, amb 91,6 violacions per cada 100.000 habitants.

In 1975, the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the former homogeneous Sweden into a multicultural country. Forty years later the dramatic consequences of this experiment emerge: violent crime has increased by 300%. If one looks at the number of rapes, however, the increase is even worse. In 1975, 421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014, it was 6,620. That is an increase of 1,472%.
Sweden is now number two on the global list of rape countries. According to a survey from 2010, Sweden, with 53.2 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants, is surpassed only by tiny Lesotho in Southern Africa, with 91.6 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants.

El neguit amb els ocells contrasta tristament amb el nul interès en ajudar a que les dones sueques deixin de ser violades per immigrants i els seus descendents.

Sembla que a la oligarquia sueca l’importen infinitament més aquests ocells que les seves dones.

Alguna cosa fa fortor a podrit a Suècia.

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La remigració, dolenta per Suècia (I)


Suècia: 500 immigrants a un poble de 250 habitants. El petit Hällnäs té uns 250 habitants. Hi volen allotjar 500 immigrants al vell sanatori.

Sweden: 500 asylum seekers to a city with 250 inhabitants. Little Hällnäs has about 250 inhabitants. Here they want to house 500 asylum seekers in the old sanatorium.

Fins i tot a un cas com aquest, on es copsa en tota la seva cruesa el reemplaçament de la població nativa europea per immigrants, els immigracionistes s’oposen fanàticament a la remigració. Però només si la fan els europeus.

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Topada entre patriotes suecs i ultraesquerra immigracionista

Una altra vegada l’ultraesquerra immigracionista fracassa en maldar d’aturar l’avenç d’una marxa de patriotes europeus, suecs en concret, que es manifestaven en celebració de la Festa del Treball.

Es palesa el menysteniment d’aquesta púrria, que pretén el suïcidi dels nosaltres els europeus per assolir la seva distòpia, front la identitat sueca en l’atac contra la seva bandera que es veu al vídeo.

Sortosament el comunista que comet aquest acte execrable s’endu el que es mereix.

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Tatuatge: Vendel

Era de Vendel

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Solidaritat europea amb els revolucionaris ucraïnessos!

I stand before your forces of revolution to tell you about what your future might be if you fail your glorious endeavour.
I stand here as a Swede. However where I come from is no longer Sweden. My country has been transformed into an international territory; ruled by a totalitarian state which forces experimental progressive agendas on its inhabitants. Let me explain:
In Sweden, you no longer need a citizenship to educate yourself in the Swedish school system. Every human being on Earth has a right to go to school in Sweden – for free. Only Swedes themselves have to pay for it.
In Sweden, you no longer need a citizenship to enjoy free healthcare. Every human being on Earth has a right to free healthcare in Sweden. Only Swedes themselves have to pay for it.
If you have a Swedish passport, you pay for your dental health care. If you don’t have a Swedish passport: it is free.
The Swedish people is not defined in or protected by Swedish law. Only minorities are recognized on a collective scale. The Swedish people have no rights in its own state. In fact, Swedish law only recognises the Sami people as the true indigenous in Sweden.
By law it is not my country anymore!
The government, the politicians and the officials of the state has distanced themselves from the people and formed a new political class, similar to that of the Soviet union — where they rob the country and use our common resources to enrich themselves.
The apparatjiks of the state has formed a mutual alliance with the monopoly-based mass media, to enforce their agenda, control the debate and persecute every form of opposition.
The Swedish media in their turn officially co-operates with the violent communist and anarchist groups to identify and terrorise every opposition.
When the radical left and immigrant groups riot, burn cars in the streets and throw molotows at police and ambulance personnel — they get government funding and a political career.
When a dissident post an anonymous critical comment on the internet — his name and picture end up in the newspaper.
The state enforces their experimental progressive agenda by starting early to shape it inhabitants. Today — as a part of the governmentally regulated school plan — a chief function of the public schools is to erase gender identity. They do this by forcing boys to play with dolls, and girls to play with cars and guns. Even calling a boy “boy” and a girl “girl” is viewed as obsolete.
The state wants every schoolfunction to refer to every person with the made up and so called “gender neutral” word “hen”. Hen is made up by the radical feminist think tanks that are an influential part of the Swedish establishment. The use is similar to the praxis “citoienne” in revolutionary France, or “comrade” in the communist states.

As a part of the progressive agenda, Swedish State Television shows information programs for the Swedish youth — 13 to 16 – on how to have sex with immigrants and disabled. These shows is also shown in school as a mandatory part of education.
The progressive agenda is also evident in the states destruction of the normal, heterosexual family. Some politicians propose mandatory day care for two year olds. There is also propositions on dividing parental leave, forcing dads to stay home and women to work — or leaving the kids in the care of the state.
No wonder we have 40 000 abortions every year. That is almost one percent of our total population. We kill our babies and import tens of thousands of immigrants instead.
Officials in Sweden likes to calls us the most modern country in the world.
I say to you, brothers, this is what awaits you if you choose to follow our example.
You now have the opportunity to choose and create your own future. DO not accept the trap of choosing either the West or Russia.
Europe needs free and sovereign nations, ready to unite in face of threat and danger, working together to strengthen our continent — not to work in the interests of the West or the East.
Choose your own freedom. Choose our common European freedom.

Nordisk Ungdom recently visited a Ukraine in revolution. In the city hall of Kyiv, witch has/had been occupied by the nationalists in Svoboda, NUs international contactperson gave a speech about the situation in Sweden and encouraged the crowd to choose their own freedom instead of choosing between the west or Russia

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Els somalis parasiten els suecs?

Somalis a Suècia exultants en viure dels suecs

La Fundació Societat Oberta ha publicat un informe com part d’una àmplia mirada sobre la diàspora somali a Europa. Va trobar que el 80% dels somalis a la tercera ciutat més gran de Suècia no tenen feina. (…) En percentatge, els somalis que es traslladen a Malmö tenen una menor nivell d’educació que els immigrants somalis a Estocolm, va assenyalar Carlsson. A Estocolm, el 40% dels somalis tenen feina -el doble que a Malmö-.

The Open Society Foundation published the report as part of a broader look at the Somali diaspora in Europe. It found that 80 percent of Somalis in Sweden’s third largest city are out of work. (…) On average, Somalis who move to Malmö have a lower education level than Somali immigrants in Stockholm, Carlsson noted. In Stockholm, 40 percent of Somalis have jobs–double the Malmö rate.

El 80% dels somalis a Malmö i el 60% dels somalis a Estocolm viuen dels diners dels suecs natius europeus. A qui poden sobtar, honestament, aquestes dades? Aquesta gent ha anat a Europa, a Suècia en concret, a viure de l’àmplia i generosa oferta d’ajuts socials que reben pel simple fet de ser immigrants. N’abusen clarament però a la notícia es blasmen els suecs, els parasitats europeus, per la situació d’aquests somalis. Qui si tant malament estan a Suècia sempre poden tornar a Somàlia.

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